For most businesses, time is money and if your vehicles are off the road unnecessarily, this has a direct impact on your profit. Our objective is to keep booking times to a minimum and endeavour to always provide the quickest possible turnaround times, which means your business ‘downtime’ can be dramatically reduced whilst taking advantage of up to 40% LESS than main dealers.

do you…

  • Phone your main dealer to book a service, only to be told the earliest is in two weeks?
  • Drive your car to the main dealers on the day of the service, get stuck in traffic, arriving 20 minutes late?
  • Wait in service reception who have no record of your booking and can’t look at your car until later in the day?
  • Phone work for somebody to collect you as there are no courtesy cars available?
  • Arrive at work an hour late?
  • Leave work early to colllect your car which is not ready when you arrive at the main dealer as they have found a problem and are waiting for the parts?
  • Wait in reception for 40 minutes and arrive home an hour and a half late – feeling frustrated and stressed?

or would you prefer to…

  • Phone Westlake Motor Services to book a service who tell you they can book you in within three days?
  • Drive your car to your work on the day of the service and leave your keys at reception?
  • Have your car collected from you by Westlake Motor Services?
  • Get a courtesy phone call from Westlake Motor Services during the day to let you know how your service is progressing and when your car will be back?
  • Pick keys up from your reception on your way out where your car is waiting for you?
  • Arrive home early – happy and relaxed?

For more information on our fleet maintenance service within the High Wycombe, Buckinghamshirearea then please get in touch on 01494 459623 or e-mail

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