Westlake’s Vauxhall service follows the manufacturer’s service guidelines using the specification of the vehicle Registration number.

This means that if you service your Vauxhall with Westlake Motor Services then you will receive a service, which is, in many ways, more detailed than your local Vauxhall dealer.

As our services follow the Vauxhall warranty to the letter your Vauxhall is still covered under the manufacturer’s warranty along with a service book stamp to prove it.

Westlake’s custom bespoke and guaranteed service can also save you up to 50% when compared to your main Vauxhall dealer’s service prices.

Westlake’s quality, personalized Vauxhall service is available for all Vauxhall customers within Vauxhall’s Warranty period as well as older Vauxhall models whose warranty periods have expired.

When Westlake works on your Vauxhall, you will be contacted BEFORE any work has been undertaken. We at Westlake Motor Services are completely open with our Vauxhall servicing prices and are positive that you will experience, first hand, the pride we take in our services.

Call us now to discuss your needs and our friendly staff will help you to keep your Vauxhall running safely, reliably and within your budget.