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Free Brake Check


When brakes wear, this can have dangerous consequences.

Stopping distances are increased

Drive-ability is reduced

Here at Westlake Motor Services we are committed to improving road safety and ensuring safety of all our customers.

Come and Take advantage of our Free Brake Check, and make sure your vehicle is Fit and Safe for the Road


Winter Tyre Information

Winter Tyres

Since our last post we have had many questions regarding winter tyres,

What are they?
What’s the difference between them and normal tyres?
Are they worth Fitting?

It only seems fair that we answer these questions, and provide the best information.

Please Click Here, this will open a webpage that explains and answers any questions you may have.

Winter Tyres

Road Frost

No one likes to get caught out with the wrong tyres!

During the winter months temperatures plummet and normal tyres just aren’t up for the job.

Stopping distances increase and grip is dramatically reduced

Here at Westlake Motor Services we are committed in helping and improving road safety.

Timing Belts


Have you had your timing belt changed recently? Do you know when its due?
Did you know that if your Timing Belt fails it can cause expensive and costly damage to your engine internals.
Here at Westlake Motor Services we offer competitive pricing and reliable service to make sure your vehicle is in Tip-Top condition!
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Winter is fast approaching!

Make sure you don’t get left out in the cold!

Call into Westlake Motor Services for your free Battery check and avoid any irritating problems.

Car Repairs


Here at Westlake Motor Services we offer great, reliable repairs on all makes and models of Cars

Call Today and Have a hassle free Visit

Car Repairs